Who is Roxana?

Roxana Oroian is a Visual Storyteller.
A creator. A dreamer. And a believer.
Her true language is the language of love and joy.
This is a digital bit of her illustrated stories realm.

Roxana writes and illustrates stories in her spare time, alongside being a loving mother and a creative strategist with over 15 years of experience in visual design (if you are curious about her professional portfolio, check out roxanaoroian.com).

Roxana is planning to create mostly environmental and soul-healing stories for children and grown-ups. What truly gets her going is her contribution to creating a better tomorrow on this planet. She is a strong believer in change through education and interdisciplinary systems.

As a fun fact, her first published book was an independent endeavor called „An Illustrated Travel Journal,” which was crowdfunded. In 2020, she wrote and illustrated „The Together Story” – a digital open story about the pandemic from an ecological perspective. It was translated into 15 languages and reached all continents, with about 20,000 views and downloads.

Currently, she is working on „I, Santa, Exist” – a story about consumerism in relation to human celebrations and the massive impact these rituals have on landfills and our planetary ecosystem’s wellbeing. If you wish to support this open story – please, reach out. Or donate on Patreon. Cheers.