„The Together Story”, an ecology children’s story in the pandemic context

I created this story as I viscerally felt the need to directly contribute to fixing what was happening on our planet during the COVID-19 pandemic. To us, to our children and to their grandparents.

As a parent, this story enables you to explain to your child what is going on now, in an illustrated book format. You can look at it on your tablet or you can print it at home. Please share this work with as many parents, therapists, and educators as possible.

Also, please contact me if you want to improve the story somehow. Maybe you’re an educator or a doctor and you have an idea on how to explain something better.

Just be mindful that the effort is done by a (now) work from home designer, mother of a toddler. My contact for this project is thetogetherstory@gmail.com. I will exclusively consider feedback sent to this email.


  • the story translated in Romanian is available here
    (thanks, „Inocenți” Foundation)

  • the story translated in Spanish is available here
    (thanks, Aurora Ielpi)

  • the story translated in French is available here
    (thanks,  Julie Fillatre)

  • the story translated in German is available here
    (thanks, Jana Kienel, Christian Kienel and Denes Lenard)

  • the story translated in Catalan is available here
    (thanks, Mara Ambrosie and Esther Payà Sánchez)

  • the story translated in Portuguese is available here
    (thanks, Guilherme Fré and Silvia Helena F. A. Fré)

  • the story translated in Macedonian is available here
    (thanks, Iadranka Angelovska Dutsa)

  • the story translated in Russian is available here
    (thanks, Lena Chilari)

  • the story translated in Bulgarian is available here
    (thanks, Svilena Nedanoski)

  • the story translated in Danish is available here
    (thanks, Michael Jørgensen)

  • the story translated in Greek is available here
    (thanks, Bettina Mis and Christos Athanasiadis)

  • the story translated in Dutch is available here
    (thanks, Iulia Huiculescu and Peter Brouwer)

  • the story translated in Hausa is available here
    (thanks, Emsirs Ahmad)

  • the story translated in Japanese is available here
    (thanks, Megumi Fujimoto, Ioana Făgărășan & Livia Luca-Pozner)

  • the story translated in Korean is available here (thanks, Chang-won Free School students and teachers Sungbeom, Down, Hajin, Byungcheol, Gayeon, Jeongrin, Seongmin, Sangmin, Jiwon, Nara, Youngae, Youngwood, Youngju, Mina)

  • Note: The author is no longer supporting receiving translations, to put the story in page in new languages. If you wish to translate the story, you will receive and Adobe InDesign file to do so yourself – and you would need to send back the pdf file for the author to publish it here on this website. Thanks for understanding!

Beyond the Story: the Video

There’s a video that came to life from „The Together Story”. It unfolded on its own, from one person involved to the other. People living in different spots, with distinct skills, joining their energy. They say that, together, we can create more than the sum of what each of us creates, separately. And they call this „synergy”. I’d call it „human power poetry”.

These dear and amazing people – some of which I haven’t even met in person, generously used their time into creating this and giving it to the world. To parents, educators, therapists – and most importantly, to children.

So, many thanks to Mara Ambrosie, Ștefan Drăgușin and the team from Creative Navy. You guys rock!

The Romanian video, with the author’s voice, can be seen here.

All of the text and illustrations in this story belong to the author. Copyright Roxana Oroian © All rights reserved 2020

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