„The Together Story”, a children’s book on the pandemic

I created this story as I viscerally felt the need to directly contribute to fixing what is happening right now on our planet. To us, to our children and to their grandparents.

As a parent, this story enables you to explain to your child what is going on now, in an illustrated book format. You can look at it on your tablet or you can print it at home. Please share this work with as many parents, therapists, and educators as possible.

Also, please contact me if you want to improve the story somehow. Maybe you’re an educator or a doctor and you have an idea on how to explain something better.

Just be mindful that the effort is done by a (now) work from home designer, mother of a toddler. My contact for this project is thetogetherstory@gmail.com. I will exclusively consider feedback sent to this email.


  • the story translated in Romanian is available here

  • will follow: Spanish, German, Catalan

  • I accept verified translations (from editors, native speakers) under the following conditions: you email me at thetogetherstory@gmail.com, each paragraph translated at a time, following the text here, and mentioning the translator’s name and social media contact. Each paragraph will respect, as much as possible, the number of words the English version of the story has. I will publish, here on this page, all translations, and give you also a direct update.

Next steps

  • publish an inverted colored version, with light background – this way you can choose your preferred style and even save some toner for your home printer
  • record audio versions for both English and Romanian stories, to accompany those parents that need a storyteller’s voice

  • Thank you!

All of the text and illustrations in this story belong to the author. Copyright Roxana Oroian © All rights reserved 2020

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