Ponder and Wander


These days we just got back home from our very first travel experience together with our baby girl („very first” longer travel experience, by plane and by a plan, I mean – she did sleep in a tent or a hut before). Fifteen days, 2 flights, 2 adults, one 4 months old baby. 15 places visited (some of them even for a short 20 minutes walk, at Cinque Terre National Park). 6 places at the seaside, 1 trek in the mountains, 1 metropolis. Most used means of transportation: train. Others: foot, car, metro, plane. No stroller. Region visited: Italy, Tuscany (Bologna, Florence, Pisa, Cinque Terre, Apuan Alps) and then Rome.


The illustration was drawn on June the 8th, on Maya’s 4 months celebration day. After something like a 6 kilometers walk in and out of a small Italian village, a severe rain grew out of the crazy-loaded clouds. On a tiny street with all 3 of us tucked in a corner, we received as a gift a black umbrella. We were laughing like crazy because of the whole extreme, watery situation. The skies were pouring. The umbrella had IKEA family written on it. Someone could have filmed an ad then and there. I drew the umbrella red. Looks nicer in red. (And you can’t tell the brand this way. Except if you actually tell it. Ha. Ha.) We walked like an octopus, like a composed being, under that umbrella. Had a hot shower when we got indoors. Our baby didn’t need one, she was perfectly dry. The hold-the-baby-hold-the-umbrella-and-walk-in-tandem machine had worked.


Oh, I have seen an octopus underwater. A real, tiny one. A living octopus, underwater, under me. On this trip. While traveling with a tiny human.

So then, what do you ponder? Wander!


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