Lawn dawn

Transport of London. Tube. Train. Bus. People going everywhere, from everywhere.

All the people. All the races. All the stories. All the devices.

All the devices.

All the brands in all the shopping bags.

Bus – flora

We’re on the upper part of the typical London bus. Front seats. No preferential fee included. Preferential view, though. It’s a miraculous perspective on those seats. Your dead angles hide a lot of life. You don’t see the bicycle fully, you don’t see the scooter fully, you don’t see the Smart fully. The driver does. You don’t. You just know that you’re too up to see. But you’re safe, cause the driver sees everything. Just don’t panic if the other half of the Smart will pop out from some angle at some point, all safe and going.

There’s an angle though in that miraculous perspective seat that is not at all dead. It is all alive. It is all a-l-i-v-e. I saw the most advanced dancing leaf some day. I was not alone. I shared the dance with Bianca, one of my favourite souls in this world (also in the top-favourite minds, she is). So this leaf was spiral dancing. With perfection-equal spins. In the air. Vertically. Towards earth. It was what it seemed like an oak leaf. With those 6 simetrical, rounded bumps, and the 7th as a crown, at the end of it, spinning crazy and elegantly at the same time. I think it was the fastest pace elegance that i have ever witnessed in a leaf. She (I would say) made the most astonishing performance for about 3 intense seconds.

Train – fauna

Night bus. Main station. Empty train due to arrival in advance. There’s only one Indian guy in a suit talking way too loudly at his 6 (discussing love and oncology topics at the same time, there must be a huge amount of pain involved).

I see a very small mouse on the platform. So no repugnant rat he is – he’s a cute one. Seems like one lost from yellow fields on the concrete vastness, either it being too hot or too cold – in this case, December-freezing. He has these specific extra-quick moves, like he’s existing on a different time axis expansion. He seems to be searching for something – to eat, probably. Keeps on cutely rubbing his nose and sitting and then moving just a bit more, extra-fast, of course.

Changes attitude dramatically in a fraction of a second and starts running like crazy. Humans are approaching – as I notice, with delay. He’s hidden after a pillar. At some point that doesn’t do the job anymore, he’s not protected enough. He’s desperate. And gets to run like nuts under a plastic wall crack, a diagonal sprint record. Humans pass with their big steps and loud voices (two of them).

I’m waiting for a few seconds to see if he’s getting out of there again. He isn’t. Not for now, at least. Biorythm would probably have learned night trains frequency, in some way or another. He has been seen by a human for approximately 23 seconds.

Tube – human

Tubes are nuts at rush hours. This due to phisical overload of humans (they are nuts all the time, due to humans’ mental overload). People numbly stare at their plastic-glass devices. Some of them have books. Or magazines. Or, in some cases, even other humans to talk to. But you rarely glimpse serenity in a tube. It’s a mundane A-to-B environment. Tops you glimpse some void politeness (functional and even mandatory in big crowds, but detrimental to true interaction, as its voidness gets to be contagious and to eventually affect other spheres of life, as well).

So in a regular week day, at rush hour, I got to glimpse serenity in a tube. He was about 70something. Greyish tones – I think – he wore. But the eyes were there. He was there. HE WAS THERE. Both ends of his lips were there, a bit lifted up by that continuous soul-smile. Both eyelids were there, pushed down by the need to rest and pushed up by the continuous soul-smile. His wrinckles were smiling. His heart was smiling, hugely smiling.

He saw that I saw him. He saw that I was there, too. He saw that I WAS THERE, too. He smiled at me. His soul smiled at me. It was themost beautiful moment. It felt like forever, even though it lasted for about 1 second.

Bianca started speaking to me.



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