Cities’ Scape >< Nature’s Escape

I have come to realize that, when I travel, I don’t enjoy cities that much anymore. They give me a sense of unresolvable sadness. They pop up the question “now what?” more and more often. Restore faith in humanity, now. No matter where I have found myself on this planet, so far and often times, cities have given me a sense of absurd repetition. Different coordinates, different geopolitical space, same issue: humans are here. Take different little corners of cities all around the globe and you can loose yourself into the same landscape, over and over again. Concrete, cars, pharmacies, dust, artificial garbage that doesn’t get absorbed by the soil but just stay there. Insane noise. Dust. Rectangular geometry that stopped cutting your eyesight just because you got used to seeing it ever since you were so little. Get closer and the macro universe offers you so little. Most probably just a same cold, repetitive texture, with no depth.

Now, nature on the other hand, has this sense of delightful repetition combined with its God driven uniqueness. Different coordinates, different geopolitical space – who gives a crap in the natural world? Same issue, still: humans are around, near, somewhere. Take different corners of nature all around the globe and you get an infinity of diverse paradises. Sand – red, yellow, black, white; soil – red, yellow, black, white; sky – red, yellow, black, white, blue, purple; trees – red, yellow, brown, green, turquoise. Still, never-mind the simplicity of such a basic color spectrum. Talk about shapes.

Rounded geometry that caresses your eyesight and gets you to blend into the ambient just like a little baby does into his mother’s womb, without even making sense of it. Get closer and the macro universe offers you the world. A whole and holly new one. With uniqueness and depth, just following the sacred patterns and reminding you of sequences you don’t even know that are embedded in you.

Maybe that is why the city landscape gets to be so repugnant, once you are in tune with the real world out there. Yeah, so, restore faith in humanity now. Please.


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