Think about it. But not too much.

You’re in the current situation of having so little access to and real connection with Mother Earth these days. We’re all in it, now. All of us, humans. Mother Nature is still out there, you know. Blossoming, singing, being.

You’re in the current situation of having so much screen time these days, right? Too much. All of us, now. This is how we connect, or at least try to. So use your next minutes to think about Mother Earth a little bit. Watch „The Together Story” video and then just shut down the device and think about everything that is going on right now on this planet.

And then a little bit more. Think about how she is so well without us outside now. Us doing „our thing”. What is „our thing”? Really. Think about that.

But don’t let it put you down. Rather, let it raise you. Think those thoughts, and then get out of them. See them from the outside and convert them into acts. Once you can get out of your house.

When you will go to vote. Or when you will go to speak up for your community. Or when you’re just going to take your trash out of the house. What is „your thing”? Does it have anything to do with Mother Nature? Does it have anything to do with your true nature?


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